Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Teleporting Necrons

At a time when I should be painting, or at the very least priming, the obsession continues to degrade my focus. Thus, new conversions have appeared on my work table. Presenting: the wonderful, mind-bending, teleporting Necrons!

These guys are the first of a small troop of Necrons meant to travel in the Night Scythe. In many games I deploy a unit of 14 Warriors and a Lord (usually with Res Orb and Warscythe), and I thought it would be cool to have a dedicated unit. So it was that I designed and built these guys, meant to look as if half (or more, depending on the model)-materialized, ready to fire. on unsuspecting foes.

The Warriors are just cut up here and there, with added Liquid Green Stuff and the digitized bits from the Tesseract Vault kit.

The Necron Lord is customized from a couple left over bits from my Overlord model (which was used to create Kutlakh), including the crown and Res Orb hand. The legs are Warrior legs cut for better positioning, and a small spine piece from an Ark pilot.

And that's it for now! I have more bits en rout to create 8 more of these Warriors and then I'll update you when I paint them. I'll probably paint these up before getting back to the grind of my Infinite Phalanx, or the myriad of other vehicles and models I have waiting.

Thanks for checking out more of my army!

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