Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ancient Tomb Objectives (Part 2?)

Welcome back, folks. Last night I decided that I liked the custom objective I built yesterday so much that I wanted to build more! (This time, no super glue to ruin my day.) So I figured while I was at it, I would break down the simple steps so you can build them too!

Start off with some Styrofoam. I used some old stuff that came in a box protecting some electronic I bought a while back. Cut them out into whatever shape you want. Next, hand primer. Spray primer didn't work so well, but I'm sure you can use a Abbaddon black if you don't have hand primer.

I used Leadbelcher and a heavy black wash. I didn't have any washes, so I just used some of the leftover primer and mixed in some water. Good enough!

Cut out and line up the slides to make sure you like the positioning. I had to trim off a bit of the excess here and them to make them all uniform size.

Next up, Liquid Green Stuff the base. Now would be a good time to add sand, or whatever you base with. Sadly, I do not have anything, so I'm hoping this texture is enough to paint.

Finally, cut up your sprue bits. You don't have to, but I like to try and shape the top end to a point. Careful of your fingertips!

And voila! Custom objective markers. I plan to make three more for a themed game of a Tomb World. The number of crystals on the front will equal the number of the objective (so up above, we have Objective #2-4). Each will represent information on the last nearby Dolmen Gates. Hopefully I can find an Eldar player for that one.

So that's it! I'm waiting on a package later today, and if it comes I'll be able to show off my Necron Tomb Stalkers, pictured briefly up above. Catch you later!

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