Monday, July 7, 2014

Kutlakh, the World Killer: Profile

Kutlakh the World Killer at dawn.
The primary HQ choice for the Imperial Armour book, Kutlakh the World Killer is one beastly character! Named "the Extinguisher of Life," and costing a full 220 points, his stats are definitely impressive. His description says that his eyes are ablaze with an "unhallowed cold light - a gaze that even fellow Necron Lords cannot easily meet." It also says that his armor is blackened as if by fire and that he is adorned by skulls and bones of his victims.

To model these attributes, I did my best to reflect each while also sticking to my overall theme. I gave his eyes a classic green glow, but gave him white pupils to give that "cold gaze" feel. And as for his armor, I didn't want to do a full black. ...Well, actually, originally, I did. But ultimately I decided to go another way. I used the regular gold and bone color scheme and used heavy washes to give a dirtied look. Blackened as if by smaller fires, I suppose.

The right-most skulls are chopped off from a less fortunate Flayed One, and the final two are actually metal skulls I ordered online. The cloth wrapped around those two are just finecast sprue bits and some green stuff. I'm pleased with the way they turned out!

The crown is composed of bits from Eldar. I got the idea from a brilliant conversion over at dakkadakka - I added an additional piece and called it a day.

Other than that, the rest of the pieces are fairly straightforward. Immortal head with Green Stuff to bulk it up a bit (which actually turned out to look like a helmet so I ran with it), Necron Overlord model for the body, Overlord arm from the A-barge model (again, Green Stuff bulk), Staff of Light/left arm from a Cryptek, and - oh yeah! The Obsidax.

Kutlakh's Obsidax

The Obsidax is Kutlakh's special weapon that has the ability to reduce foes' Weapon Skill, or even completely deny attacks altogether! This weapon is described as a midnight-black hyperphase blade. I thought about modeling him with a modded hyperphase sword, but I thought I would use my last special weapon from the Kromlech Technomancer Stave series. I didn't put an awful lot of detail into this one, but I like it just fine! In all honesty I just started to lose steam towards the end of this project.

Well, that's about it! Let me know what you think, and thanks for checking him out.

(Sidenote: My Object Source Lighting effects need a lot of improvement, I know!)

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