Monday, July 7, 2014

Painting Rust

I think here, more than anywhere else in my army, is where I need the most help. And how can you help, you ask? Simple - let me know what you think! Using larger surfaces, so far only on Destroyers, I would like to paint on a more rigorous rust effect than what the Kromlech rust compound can do alone. Here are a few examples of how the rust is coming out so far.

So far, I love it! But I am not sure if that's just my own infatuation with my first attempt or actual success at portraying rust. I am using a couple different images of actual rust for inspiration, and I think it looks similar. Not exact, but not bad either.

When I get the look down pat I am going to be adding it to all my vehicle conversions (Annihilation Barges, my Ghost Ark, Doomsday Ark, Triarch Stalker, etc.).

So - What do you think? Should it be more subtle? Are the colors off? Is it perfect? Which is your favorite? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks folks.

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