Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Custom Objectives

Take a gander at a few of my custom objectives:

Three of my custom Necron objectives
The first is just a weird thing I made with spare spines and whatnot. Not really sure what it's supposed to be though. Sometimes I say it is a Canoptek tentacle holding a Res Orb, and sometimes it's an eye being used by the Nemesor. Whatever it is, I like it!

The one on the far right is a poor Cadian being swarmed by Scarabs. At one point in time he was holding a grenade in his hand, but it fell off somewhere along the line. Now he is defenseless. Not my original idea, but the internet sure is a great place to find inspiration!

Here he is again running from more oncoming Scarab swarms. Poor bastard.
Finally, I have the one I just whipped up today! It isn't complete yet, but I am digging the way it is turning out.
Super Glue + Styrofoam = Unhappy Modeller

On the bottom you can see there were some complications. As it turns out, super glue melts Styrofoam. Yep. Everyone gets one "Duh" on that one. Ah well.

The crystals are cut up sprues! Neat trick I learned from another Necron blogger.
The front is the only side I have painted. Haven't figured out what to do with the rest of it yet. I first have to finish adding the liquid Green Stuff to fill in my error, so after that's all done and dried hopefully I'll have an idea. I'm certainly open to suggestions!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the view. I might be posting about the little crawler you can see in the background of that Scarab Swarm shot soon. Come on back to keep updated. Thanks!

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