Friday, July 11, 2014

Canoptek Conversion - The Kraken

And here it is, my favorite conversion, the Canoptek Kraken:

Nothing like a solid oven backdrop, right?
 I'm hoping to add as much detail to document this conversion as possible. This is going to be a long one, folks. I hope you enjoy it!

Let's take it from the top. Here was my shoddy sketch of how I wanted it to look:

I didn't go to art school, I'm sorry...

Actually, not too far off! I started with the idea, outlined the pieces I needed, and got right to work. Here, my work begins.

The head is obviously a Doom/Night Scythe hull, and the Doomsday Cannon of course came from the Doomsday Ark kit. The supporting tentacles are coils from the Tesseract Vault, as are the tentacles that will hold the Gauss Flayers. The piece that attaches the Cannon to the Scythe head is also from the Canoptek creature holding the C'tan, and the soon-to-be eyes are from the throne. The guns are chopped off of normal Necron Warriors. You will also see some parts from the Command Barge panel, and the small engines from Tomb Blades, neither of which made it into the final design.

Once I had laid out all the pieces, it was time to get to it!

I started out by carefully taking apart the gauss flayers, removing the barrel, the hand, and the small tube. I dry fit the tip and the green rod just to check out the final product. I was pleased.

A few clips later, and we had this to view:

So far so good! Next up - cutting down the Doom Scythe to size.

Had to use a hand saw for this one. Good fun, those hand saws...

One of my favorite progress shots ever!
Next, on to the support tentacles!

After cutting off the excess from the coils, and with the help of a friendly can of peanuts, I glued on the support tentacles where those pesky Tesla Destructors would go. I later added some additional coil links to fill in the gap.

I tactlessly globbed on some Green Stuff to make the job a bit easier. This was my first time converting, and my first time using Green Stuff, so I would definitely have done this differently now. But hey, you live and learn, right?

And the Cannon is attached. The tentacles were short to follow. And the finishing touches involved a chopped up Dispersion Shield and the eyes.

I'd like to do another one soon, and have definitely learned from the experience. I would love any input or recommendations you folks might have on how to improve the design! It's a little unstable, but overall not bad. The tentacles are frail as anything, but they're just so cool I couldn't give them up.

Thanks for checking it out! As always, let me know what you think.

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